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Why Feet IT

For everyone looking for the perfect pair of shoes, Feet IT uses cutting edge technology to find the best shoe size and fit to match your favorite brand and models to your foot characteristics and dimensions

Because every foot is different

How it works?

Take 2 photos of each foot for a precise measurement

Get your recommendation by scoring above 50%

Higher scores = increased accuracy (and you still get CREDITS to use when shopping)

Complete your profile and add shoes to your closet

The more we know you, the better the system works

Find the perfect match for your feet

With your Foot ID calculated, you can search any brand or model and receive precise recommendations

Amazing Features

Foot ID

A complete profile of your feet with 3D accuracy.

Shop or create

With your Foot ID created you can shop any brand or design and order a custom made pair of shoes.

My closet

Save your favorite models to improve recommendations (the more you use it, the better the system works).


Every time you use the App you win points that can be converted into Credits to exchange for exclusive offers and deals.


We work together with brands to provide you an amazing shopping experience. The better we now you, the better this process gets.

We analyze tons of data from the suppliers but, most importantly, we take into consideration 2 crucial factors in finding the correct size and fit:

foot size and profile
shoe's specific features and characteristics
  • Find the perfect match for your foot
  • 1/2 size recommendation accuracy
  • Adjust to Length, Width, Arch type and other specific characteristics of your foot


Now you can shop for shoes for your kids, your girlfriend, your husband, your best friend… Well, basically you can find always the perfect pair of shoes for your Family & Friends and surprise them with a beautiful present!

How? Just search for their Foot ID or create a new profile using the App and receive precise recommendations every time!


Who we are

We are basically a highly motivated and persistent team (for some, stubbornness may also apply…) that didn’t accept the idea of relying on luck to find the perfect pair of shoes online! Several years of R&D and thousands of hours of trial and error proved we were right. We can just rely on technology!

And that’s why we believe in Feet IT®!

Where to find us

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The more you use the app, the more credits you will get!!
Find out how to achieve different levels, win prizes, special deals and discounts.

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