Sell more online while drastically reducing returns

Sizing technology can decrease returns by as much as 50%
How it works

Fitting technology increases sales

The lack of confidence when shopping for shoes online is one of the biggest issues for any brand or retailer. On average, 98% of shoppers visiting your website will leave without making any purchase.

Size and fitting advice can increase conversion rates 4x, helping you:

  • sell to more customers;

  • increase the average number of itens per ticket;

  • increase the average price of products bought.

Knowing that the shoes they love will fit will drastically impact your results.


Better (data-driven) business decisions

All the data collected can be converted into useful insights about your products, your customers and your online business.

We can help you identify trends and consumer preferences, recurring customers, size ranges and product fitting patterns that may result in above average returns.

Our fitting technology can enhance your customer's experience online, but will also help you make better informed decisions on what products to source and sell and how.

Custom-built solutions

From a simple recommendation widget to install in your site in a matter of minutes to a more tailor-made solution that can connect with a custom built app to help your customers take measurements and receive size and fit recommendations, we can build any tool to match your store needs.

These tools can also confirm if the size is available for purchase and give alternative product recommendations when the correct size is out of stock, to ensure your client has the best possible shopping experience.

Our team will help you identify the best solutions for you and your brand, so that you can focus on your business to generate more sales online.


Size and fit account for 75% of product returns.


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